Swinging Harmonica

Blues & Boogie

GARY M Harmonica

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 Gary M  Chromatic Harmonica & Blues Harp Harmonica Player   ~   Swinging Harmonica Blues & Boogie   ~   Gary M available for Solo Harmonica and Band work

Rockin the Blues : Listen to this track on You Tube

Gary M’s latest CD  “Harmonica Blues & Boogie”

featuring eleven energy filled tracks is on sale here now

Price £8.00 inclusive of postage

Pretty Baby

Broke & Busted


Night Train

prettybabyGARYM.mp3 brokeandubstedGARYM.mp3 GeorgiaGARYM.mp3 NighttrainGARYM.mp3 HallelujahGARYM.mp3


Mama & Papa’s Blues

Moonshine Blues

Voodoo Woman

Blueberry Hill

Sweet Home Chicago

MamaandPapasBluesGARYM.mp3 MoonshineBluesGARYM.mp3 VoodooWomanGARYM.mp3 BlueberryHillGARYM.mp3 SweetHomeChicagoGARYM.mp3

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