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Tutors with mp3 audio tracks


Gary M has devised two Chromatic Harmonica Tutors, to provide you with all you need to know so that you can play in a day. The Tutors have been produced in an easy to understand format, with each Lesson designed to improve and raise your ability to play Chromatic Blues and Jazz Harmonica. Each 10 page electronic tutor in PDF format is accompanied by instructional mp3 tracks designed to further aid your learning.

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Chromatic Harmonica Tuition

- Want to learn how to play the Chromatic Harmonica?

- Always thought it was too difficult or terrified of the button!?

- No teachers available in your area?

- Want to improve your playing?

Then you need look no further as Gary M’s Chromatic Harmonica tutors and online tuition are here to get you playing and enjoying this fantastic instrument.


Gary offer’s a variety of electronically delivered options created to suit all budgets and learning preferences.  All you need is an instrument, a device to access PDF, audio files and/or Skype, and of course your enthusiasm!

Full details are set out below, but please feel free to call or email if you require further information or have any questions.

Lesson 1 Tutor : £6.50

Lesson 2 Tutor : £6.50

Lessons 1 & 2 Tutors : £12.00

A download link & instructions will be e-mailed following receipt of payment. Please note this process is carried out manually so the above will not be received instantly upon payment, however we always endeavour to provide this in the shortest possible time. If a purchase is made during the course of the night (UK time) or the purchaser is located in a non-UK country (with a time difference) unfortunately there will inevitably be a slightly longer delay.  System requirements to access the Tutors: email address to receive download link, a computer/laptop or apple/android device that can open/view PDF documents and play MP3 audio files.  A printer if you wish to print the PDF document.

Online Chromatic Harmonica Tuition

In addition to the two Tutors Gary M provides personal tuition via Skype. Lessons, which are one hour in length, can be arranged at mutually convenient times for anyone seeking to learn and/or improve their Chromatic Harmonica playing. Lessons are offered on a single purchase basis or as a discounted package with the Tutors. You will need to have access to a device with video and audio and a Skype account. Skype is free to download and set up - click here for details.

Prior to purchasing online tuition you may wish to contact Gary M by email or phone to discuss your requirements.  

Once you have purchased any of the above

Gary M will be in touch via email to arrange a mutually convenient lesson time.

Single 1 hour

Skype lesson: £15.00

Discounted Packages

Tutor 1 + 1 hour Skype lesson: £18.50

Tutor 2 + 1 hour Skype lesson: £18.50

Tutors 1&2 + 1 hour Skype lesson: £25.00

Lesson 1

“Starting Out”


- How to hold your Harmonica

- Construction of the Chromatic

- Basic Scales and Chords

- Arpeggios

- Improvisation Exercise

- Introduction to Blues & Jazz :

  - Keys

  - Chord Sequences

  - What is a Bar?

  - Basic 12 Bar Blues Sequence

Lesson 2

“You’re on the way”


- Minor Scales

  -  A Minor

  - 12 Bar Blues Chords A Minor

- Summertime in A Minor

- More Jazz Blues key C Major

- More Scales

    -  F Major Scale

    -  Relative D Minor Scale

    -  G Major Scale

    -  Relative E Minor Scale

- Amazing Grace in G Major